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What brands are saying...

Vitacoco Logo

"We've been working with LetsWombat for a few months now and have been totally pleased with their knack for integrating our brand into a number of events that are helping us to reach our target in a manner that makes complete sense for us. They haven't proposed an event yet that didn't match perfectly for our product & brand and aside from the great work they do and the creative and useful business model they've created, Hannah and Sebastian are really lovely to work with too!"

Popchips Logo

"LetsWombat is an exceptionally innovative platform where brands like ours can target influencers in the New York City market. it's been a pleasure cross promoting our tasty snacks with LetsWombat's numerous meet-ups and conferences. It is certainly a place 'where great brands meet genuine people'."

What organizers are saying...

LetsWombat Testimonial - Danielle

"Working with LetsWombat was super-easy! I signed my event up online and soon afterwards heard back that a brand was interested in sharing product at my event. We got a ton of fun flavored sodas which everyone loved. All I had to do was take some photos and send out a couple of tweets. I will definitely be signing more events up in the future!" - Danielle A.

LetsWombat Testimonial - Sid

"I greatly enjoyed working with the LetsWombat team! They made a great impact on our event and the crowd loved having some fun giveaways! Hannah and Sebastian were so fun and I can't wait to partner up with LetsWombat for future events! Thanks team!" - Sid K