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  1. Sign up and share your marketing goals around:
  2.   Your target markets & audience
      Your target event size
      What you would like in return from the event organizer
  3. Receive relevant events chosen specifically for you
  4. Choose the events that interest you
  5. Showcase your product
  6. Receive the event report
  7. Smile and choose other events!
Sign up and tell us your goals around what markets you want to reach, what type and size of audience you want to engage, and what types of reporting you want back for each event. LetsWombat is a members only community that helps you reach the audience you want in a targeted, tangible and trackable way.
You receive relevant already occurring events based on your goals around the target market, audience, and reporting goals.
Choose which events you want to engage with based on the list you received. We make sure there is a great match on both sides, so this is very closely monitored and vetted.
Once the event organizer accepts the offer, we work with you to make the fulfillment process painless and seamless. We also work with the organizer so that the product is showcased in the best possible light.
After the event has occurred and the organizer has submitted the after-event-data, we put together a report for you that showcases what happened at the event and how it compares to your goals. This includes earned media, social media, verbatims, and surveys.
We hope that you and the brand enjoyed sharing your awesome products with consumers in a targeted, tangible, and trackable way. It's our goal to make sure that you achieve so many of your goals that you sign up to do it again soon! Tell us what worked and didn't work so that we can help you continue to get the word out about your product!