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Social Product Sampling

Social Product Sampling belongs in a subset of product sampling.  Though product sampling tends to be social - people try different products and then tell other people, most sampling situations occur in places that are not setup to maximize the social aspects of the sampling.


Benefits of Product Sampling

There are many benefits of product sampling that are hard to replicate in other types of advertising or marketing.  For instance:

  1. Product samples create brand recognition using the 5 senses
  2. Product samples allow the customer to relate to the product in their own way
  3. Product samples allow consumers "try before they buy"
  4. Product samples excite consumers whom are curious and love to try new things
  5. The product sampling gives the consumer the actual product experience

Done right, product sampling can be hugely beneficial to any type of marketing strategy or marketing campaign.


Benefits of Social

There are many benefits of social that have lately become obvious in the age of twitter, tumblr, instagram, facebook, linkedin, and others.  These websites capture all of the social conversation (and creating even more) that had been occurring in the off-line world.

There are many reasons why people share off-line and on-line - though mostly it has to do with emotion-driven reasons: to appear smart, to appear informed, to appear loved, to show that they care, to share excitement.  Helping people experience things that make them want to share helps you make your consumer be better.

The greatest benefit of social is the interaction between online and offline social circles.  The barrier between the two social worlds get smaller and smaller everyday as people talk offline about what they experienced online as well as talking online about what they experienced offline.


Benefits of Social Product Sampling

Combining the two (social + product sampling) creates powerful product sampling.  By showcasing your product in compelling experiences, consumers are able to enjoy the benefits of product sampling as well as enjoy the benefits of being social while trying the product.  This leads to online and offline word of mouth that helps to spread the word about your product.


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