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Product Sampling

Product Sampling is the process where by consumers are given a free sample to familiarize the consumers with a new product, a re-launch of a product, or an expansion of a product line. By giving the consumer a product sample, the customer is able to try out the product ("test drive" the product) before purchasing it.

The different types of product sampling that can occur include grocery stores product sampling, retail store product sampling, shopping mall product sampling, athletic event product sampling, in-home product sampling, music concert product sampling, and event product sampling in all different types of public and private places.

Most types of products can be included in a product sampling such as human consumable products - food, beverage, liquor; animal consumable products - dog food, cat food, any type of food for your pet; as well as non-consumable products such as paint chips, lotions, toiletries, makeup, and other beauty products.

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