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About Us...


LetsWombat connects brands and consumers

We help businesses reach just about any target audience; we help event organizers get great products to sample at all sorts of events. Win-win!


We want to make brand-consumer interactions personal again - still efficient; much more genuine

We believe in the power of offline communication. We want to help businesses find their target audience as efficiently as they can online (by pinpointing specific events to reach) but then move their interactions with consumers to the "real" world.


LetsWombat is the middleman between event organizers and brands or agencies

Event organizers post event details. Businesses select events to reach and share product with based on demographics, budget and relevance. LetsWombat is the middleman, connecting both sides of the market.


LetsWombat Founders

LetsWombat Founders Photo

Hannah Brooks

Prior to founding LetsWombat, Hannah spent 7 years at McKinsey, helping brands design and execute different marketing strategies. While originally from England, she moved to the US to complete her MBA at Stanford and now lives in New York. Outside of work she loves to explore new places, try different foods and attend all sorts of events ... especially when the event is part of LetsWombat and there are great products to enjoy!

Sebastian Gutierrez

Prior to founding LetsWombat, Sebastian worked on Wall Street and started two other companies. Having graduated from MIT and lived the ups/downs of entrepreneurial life before, he has both the technical background and start-up experience to make our technology come to live! As an organizer of many events - from food adventures to art walks and dim sum lunches - he is a regular user (and lover!) of LetsWombat.